Part of Unity Food Products (Pty) Ltd. We’re in the oil and margarine business. Spreading colour, energy and joy around South Africa, we’re all about that balanced lifestyle. We consider ourselves storytellers.

The Helios

Helios Oil has been in production since the 1950s and continues to be manufactured by Unity Food Products (Pty) Ltd, today.

Helios is a much-loved brand name in many South African kitchens! We introduced margarine products in 2010 which was a dream achieved by the Essack family.

Born through heritage grown from giving, our mission is to promote a well-balanced lifestyle where we are all focused on improving not only our diet, but elements around our physical, emotional, mental, social, financial and spiritual well-being. Helios believes adopting a balanced lifestyle is the key to a happy heart.

Life is taken too seriously sometimes, and it is important to balance work and play. To be able to grow and have fun at 5 years old or 60+ years old, allows life to be lived more colourfully.

Helios sunflower oil and margarine are good for a happy heart and are full of Omega oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids and rich in Vitamins A, D & E. Our products have all been approved by the heart and stroke foundation.

The Helios brand name is expanding, and Unity Food Products always aims to associate the brand name with quality, value, tradition, heritage, healthy and balanced living.

with Helios

With Helios