With Helios

We have taken on the phrase ‘Balance With Helios’. Meaning to balance all the elements surrounding and improving one’s health and well-being. Creating a lifestyle that promotes a better way of living physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually.


Reading stories as a kid opens up a world of imagination. Helios aims to share our stories to inspire and ignite a larger passion for life. One lived full of colour, no matter your age, race or gender.

All South Africans, our consumers, are our heroes. We want to open up a world of possibilities, driving creativity, bringing together communities. Born through heritage and grown from giving, we want to build a community based on balance.

is key

Physical Balance

We help you achieve physical balance by doing regular exercise, transforming bad habits into good ones, and choosing to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and good for the heart.

Mental Balance

The mind and body function together, our mental state can affect our overall health. Think positively and keep the mind calm.

Emotional Balance

Control negative emotions and stress that will have an indirect effect on developing bad habits.

Social Balance

Engage in positive and supportive relationships that will affect overall health. Keep a circle full of positive energy, which will attract the same.

Spiritual Balance

To have a sense of purpose in life if you ever feel lost. That which seems lost is reachable with spiritual guidance. To believe, gives life purpose.

Financial Balance

Balance time between work and play. Find what you love, make your hobby a job.

is key.

With Helios